Welcome to Dr. George Sheehan's web page.
           This site has been created by his children through The George Sheehan Foundation to help keep his writings available for his fans and for anyone interested in fitness and self-realization.
           The running boom that began in the late 70s, and in which Dr. Sheehan played such a large role, has quadrupled its' founding generation. Up until his death in 1993, tens of thousands of runners and athletes followed George Sheehan avidly in Runner's World magazine. Now many of his books are unavailable and there is no forum for his writings.
           This site will provide selections from his 25 years of weekly
essays. Sheehan used to categorize his talks as "right brain" and "left brain." He defined the right brain as philosophic and the left brain as practical. The essays will be classified into these two groups. The forum is your forum for sharing your own experiences in the quest for fitness. The requests section is where you can ask for "The Doc's" views on any topic you might be curious about. Family members and some of his old friends will contribute essays which can be found in the friends section. We have also started an on-line bookstore to distribute some of his key books.
           As our first project, we have published a 20th-anniversary edition of Running&Being, his signature work. A New York Times bestseller, it is an educated man's narration of his mid-life return to the world of exercise, play and competition. The story of George Sheehan's rebirth, it is considered to be the "philosophical bible" for a world of runners.
           Thank you for visiting the site. We hope you enjoy what you find.

           Biography of Dr. George Sheehan 1918 - 1993

           Important Events in Dr. Sheehan's Life (photo essay)