“When I write, I tell who I am, what I’m like, what I’ve discovered running. I’m not embarrassed to expose myself. I don’t care what I write as long as it’s true.”

The Essential Sheehan

​The Essential Sheehan:
30 Years of Running Wisdom from the Legendary George Sheehan

30 Years of Running Wisdom from the Legendary George Sheehan

Running & Being

Running & Being:
The Total Experience

A New York Times bestseller for 14 weeks in 1978, Running and Being became known as the philosophical bible for runners around the world. More than thirty years after its initial publication, it remains every bit as relevant today.

Going the Distance

Going the Distance:
One Man’s Journey to the End of His Life

In his posthumous memoir, one of the world’s great master runners tells the honest and moving story of his battle against cancer and the final race of his life. A book for anyone touched by major illness or death, Going the Distance is an inspiring book by a man who wrote eloquently about the experience of living, of pushing to the limit as an athlete, and arriving at the finish line a changed person.

Personal Best

Personal Best: The Foremost Philosopher of Fitness Shares Techniques and Tactics for Success and Self-Liberation

George Sheehan draws on 70 years of experience to provide penetrating insights for a better, happier, and more productive life.

This Running Life

​This Running Life

This practical training guide further develops Sheehan’s idea that running is a metaphor for life and a path to self-knowledge, and explains how the body’s design relates to running and fitness

On Running

Dr. Sheehan On Running

“It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.”

On Fitness

Dr. Sheehan On Fitness

Chasing the Hawk

Looking for My Father, Finding Myself
Andrew Sheehan

“I have always chased my father, chased after his love, chased him through his many changes. I chased him even when I thought I was running in the other direction. Today, even though he is gone, I chase him still. I know he is the key to my freedom.”

Be Happy

Be Happy: A Little Book to Help You Live a Happy Life
Monica Sheehan

Illustrator Monica Sheehan has collected some of her most beloved cartoons from Real Simple magazine in a truly inspirational book that will remind you of the small things that really do matter for a happier life: show up, do things you’re good at, dance…and get a good night’s sleep.